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How To Clean A Mattress? – Easy To Follow Guide

For a comfortable sleep, it is essential to have clean mattresses and beddings. Not just for a good sleep, it is also vital to your good physical and mental health. When you have good sleep and healthy body, half of your problems are gone. Poor sleep can lead to several chronic diseases. Whereas, regular sound sleep can enhance your learning power, overall health, and memory. So, it can be said that the mattresses have a vital impact on the quality of life you lead. With such huge importance of mattresses, keeping it clean is an important fact that many of you often ignore. There are various kinds of stains that make your mattresses dirty and unhygienic to sleep on. So, how to clean a mattress? Here are some of the ways to get rid of various kinds of mattress stains.

How to Clean a Mattress Full of Dust and Grime

Even if it usually remains covered, the mattress is prone to dust mites and mold. In order to get rid of it, vacuuming the mattress on both the sides at least once a month can be of help. The irritation and allergic reactions caused by the dust can be eased by mattress cleaning. Placing your mattress outside in the sun every 3-4 months can also help to air it and prevent it from any kind of door or moisture accumulation that leads to mold. You may also just open the doors and windows to let the sunlight and air in for your mattress to breathe while changing the sheets.


How to Clean a Mattress With Blood Stains

There’s nothing to hide that every girl has periods and often the bleeding is so heavy that it causes leakage. When your mattress is spoiled due to such blood stains, cold water can work magically. Thinking how to clean a mattress with blood stains? Do not worry and just make a paste with 1 tablespoon liquid soap, salt, and 3% hydrogen peroxide which you can get from the nearby supermarket or medical store. Spread the paste over the stained area. Now, take a white soft cloth and add hydrogen peroxide to scrub the stained area. You may also use lemon juice in place of hydrogen peroxide. Repeat the process to fully get rid of the stain.

How to Clean a Mattress with Urine/Vomit Stains

If you have a small baby or a pet at home, urine stains on the mattress can be a regular problem for you. Are you aware how to clean a mattress with urine stains? The steam cleaner works best for removing the urine stains. But, if you don’t have one, you may try the enzymatic spray cleaner as well. Do not overdo, just spray the stained area as much required and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Finally, blot up the cleaner. You may also use 2 parts of water and one part vinegar along with a few laundry detergents drops to clean any kind of bodily stains like urine or vomit.


How to Clean a Mattress With Beverage Stains

Often tea, coffee, beer, soda or wine can be the reason for the rigid stains on your mattress. In order to remove such hard stains, a bit of soap can work wonders. Take a sponge and dampen it with a little amount of handwash soap or dishwashing detergent. Dab the stain with the sponge and then scrub it. It will definitely reduce the stain and repeat it if necessary.

There are some stains on the mattress that looks and smells yuck but you are unable to identify the source. For removing such stains spray diluted dish detergent or citrus cleanser on the affected area and leave it on for 15 minutes. Do not apply much water and just keep blotting the mattress to get rid of the liquid completely. After using detergent, if the stain still persists, apply baking soda and leave it overnight. Vacuum clean the next day.

The stains can be really rigid, but the solutions are effective to get rid of it. You have always learned about how effectively and quickly you can clean your bedroom in the earlier articles on our website. But, the mattress is one of the most vital things in your bedroom that needs your special attention when cleaning is concerned. Try the above tips for a healthy and sound sleep.


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Steps to Balcony Furniture’s Cushions and Canvas Cleaning

The canvas and balcony furniture can be elegant, sporty or casual. It can be used in both outdoors and indoors, on the patio, balcony, yachts, and of course in your home. It is quite a tough fabric but usually comes in the lighter shades. So, the dirt and grime are easily visible and the mildew as well. If you have an open balcony, the cushions and canvas are more exposed to the dirt and debris. Maybe a heavy thunderstorm or rains, make cushions and canvas cleaning a must do the task. Whatever the reason be, the bottom line is balcony furniture cushions and canvas cleaning cannot be ignored at any time. Here are a few instant tips that you may use while cushions and canvas cleaning.

Cushions and Canvas Cleaning – Tips for Canvas Cleaning

  Dust the Canvas Furniture Outdoor  – Both cushions and canvas cleaning is very important. For canvas cleaning, you need to check if your canvas covers are removable and also check the label if it can be washed in the machine. Once you ensure, the dust of the soil and dirt by shaking. Now use a mild detergent to launder the canvas covers using cold water. Once it’s clean on gentle cycle, hang them to dry.


 Clean Non-Removable Canvas Covers – The covers that cannot be removed needs to be hand washed. For doing so, you need to ensure that the sky is clear. The canvas furniture should be cleaned outside, so move them out. Try to keep it on a hard surface like a driveway or the patio because cleaning it on the grass or mud can form muddy puddles.


 Prepare Solution, Wet, and Scrub – Take a bucket and add 2 gallons of water along with half capful without bleach mild detergent liquid. Now, take a sponge and dip it in the solution and wipe the canvas cover followed by scrubbing the dirty areas and the seams.


Rinse and Fabric Protection – The cushions and canvas cleaning is similar and as in the cushions cleaning, rinse of the soap thoroughly from the canvas furniture by using a garden hose. Air-dry the furniture and then, spray fabric protector on the canvas and also spray water repellent. The ones that are removable, you may spray fabric protector while they are dried on the edges. When completely dry, put the cover back on the canvas furniture.



The balcony furniture is very difficult to clean as dirt, dust, mud, pests, can make it completely soiled. The balcony, patio or garden furniture must always be covered using cushions and covers. It helps to keep your furniture protected from the dirt and mud. The cushions and canvas cleaning gives back the lost shine so make it a point to clean it at regular intervals.


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How To Clean Wallpapers And Walls – Wallpaper Cleaning Tactics

The wallpapers or the walls are often neglected while cleaning. People tend to ignore them completely until the kids find their canvass on them and start rubbing the crayons. Apart from attracting dust and dirt, the beauty of the wallpaper can also be spoiled by our daily habits. When you have kids at home, it becomes completely difficult to control. The habits like touching the wallpaper with the dirty hands or unintentionally standing with your feet on the wall can leave smears and smudges deposit. Whether your walls are papered or painted, whether it looks clean or dirty, you must ensure wallpaper cleaning at regular intervals to keep them gleaming and perfectly clean. Here are some of the steps that you must follow for wallpaper cleaning. It usually has 3 important segments – wallpaper dusting, stain removal, and cleaning.

Wallpaper Cleaning and Dusting

Vacuuming – The dust and dirt accumulation on the wallpaper is a normal thing. You cannot stop it but what you can do is wallpaper cleaning and vacuuming. Plug the vacuum cleaner on, attaching the wall brush extension to it and start vacuuming the accumulated dust from the ceiling top of the wall. Again, it will be easier if you divide the wall into small sections while cleaning. If you are facing height problem and the extension is not enough, you may take a ladder while wallpaper cleaning. Use the vacuum cleaner with gentle strokes and do not rub or scratch it.
Use a Broom and Cloth to Reach the Corners – The top corners are hard to reach areas and may need your detailed attention. Put a microfiber cloth over the broom and swipe it from the left to the right wall. Ensure that the cloth is not too dirty, as it may leave smudges on the wall. The cloth can reach you even in the hard to reach corners and remove the dirt and dust. Use it from top to the bottom for thorough wallpaper cleaning.

Wallpaper Cleaning and Stain Removal

Remove Crayon or Grease Stains – Scrape the extra crayon by using a putty knife. Once you have cleared the surface, the crayon or grease stain must be covered with the paper towel. Now, use an iron set on the lowest heat temperature over the stain and leave it for a minute or two. The remaining stain should seep into the towel. If you have used washable wallpaper, then take cleaning solution in a piece of cloth and wipe until the stains are completely gone.
Remove Fingerprints – The dirt and oil from your fingerprints on the wallpaper can be removed with the help of a gum eraser. Gently rub the eraser over it to remove the fingerprint stains while wallpaper cleaning. For vinyl wallpaper, use the soap and water solution for cleaning.

For Wallpaper Deep Cleaning
Ensure Type – What kind of wallpaper are you using? Is it vinyl, coated fabric with vinyl or acrylic covering or the plain paper wallpaper? You can spot clean it and check if the cleaning method works on your walls paper. You may scrub the vinyl wallpaper with the soft sponge but ensure not to use an abrasive one for cleaning. For wallpaper cleaning without a protective cover, a dry sponge without moisture can help in getting rid of the dirt and dust on the wallpaper. Once you are sure about the type, you can move on to the next step of wallpaper cleaning.
Wallpaper Cleaning – Make a wallpaper cleaning solution with two tablespoons of dish soap and a bucket of warm water. The colored detergents may leave stains on the wallpaper so, it is always advised to use clear soap. Take a soft cloth, dip it in the solution, and carefully wring the excess soapy water into the bucket.
You must always test a small wallpaper cleaning area to check if the solution causes any kind of damage. If all is fine, you can continue wallpaper cleaning in a vertical direction from the top to the bottom. Always ensure that you divide the wallpaper into segments and clean small segments at a time. The soap should never be overused as it may stick the dirt to the walls.
Wallpaper Rinsing – Take a bucket filled with fresh water and a clean cloth. Then, rinse the divided small segments with a clean damp cloth. Do not overuse the water. Dry the sections as soon as you rinse with another clean cloth to avoid the moisture from soaking in.

To keep your home sparkling clean, wallpaper cleaning is essential. The dirty walls and wallpapers can make your complete room appear dark and filthy. You may also check some of the ways to clean home using lemon in one of our last articles. From wallpaper cleaning to the rest of your home, it can help in the overall cleaning of your house.

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The Daily Scrub: Cleaning Tips to Use Every Day

Who has time to clean their entire apartment every week? I know I don’t. Unfortunately, when laundry piles up and the stove collects grime, many renters end up spending a whole day or weekend tackling the chores on their to-do lists.

However, you can avoid this time-consuming situation by doing little bits of cleaning every day. Think of it more as maintenance than actual cleaning. The better care you take of your apartment, the less often you’ll have to overhaul with your sponge.

With that in mind, here are some easy cleaning tips to use daily that will cut back on chores in the long run (and help you burn calories!

Cleaning Checklist: The Bathroom The counters, tub, and toilet in your bathroom slowly collect grime, but a quick clean can help reduce the frequency with which you have to scrub the room head to toe. Fortunately, the tasks required are pretty simple. Here’s what you should do every day either after you shower or before bed: Squeegee Your Shower If you don’t have a shower squeegee, you should purchase one. These inexpensive tools will save you tons of time and money in the long run. Your tub and shower are wet places, which breeds mildew and can potentially lead to the growth of mold– not a pretty situation. What’s more, soap scum can build up on the tile, leaving streaks and more grime.

Help your shower stay drier and remove marks by using your squeegee before you hop out of the tub. Simply rub down the walls and tub. This easy task is incredibly effective at reducing mildew and keeping your bathroom cleaner for longer. Close the Curtain You open your shower curtain to get out of the tub, but don’t leave it in this position. The bunched-up fabric takes longer to dry and can encourage the growth of, you guessed it, mold and mildew. Over time, your curtain will show dark spots where mold has taken over.

While you can throw many fabric curtains in the wash, preventing the issue altogether is ideal and easy. Simply close the curtain again when you get out of the shower. This helps it dry quickly and thoroughly. Wipe Down Surfaces

Disinfecting wipes are about to become your best friends. Use one to quickly wipe down your toilet, then get a fresh one to clean your sink. You can also spot clean the floor using a wipe if you notice any marks. Easy right? Cleaning Checklist: The Kitchen

A good cleaning tip: The kitchen should always be clean. After all, it’s where you prepare your food, and you want to avoid ingesting bad bacteria. Here are some daily tasks to complete that will prevent foodborne illness:

Clear the Kitchen Put away everything you’re not using, including food and utensils. Place dirty dishes in the sink. Basically, make sure the counters are clear.

Clean All Dishes Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight might seem like no big deal, but bacteria doesn’t take long to run amok. In fact, it takes less than 24 hours for bacteria to spread and grow. Talk about gross! Make cleaning your dishes before bed a new habit to reduce the germs in your apartment. Wipe Counters You should have already cleaned your cutting board, but you should still disinfect your counters. Juice from raw meat could leak onto these surfaces, spreading germs. Use disinfecting spray, soap, or wipes to quickly clean your counters. This doesn’t have to take any longer than a minute.

Clean the Sink Once your dishes are done, bring that disinfecting cleaner to the sink. Quickly wipe it down to get rid of any food particles that may have clung to your sink.

Cleaning Checklist: Everywhere Else Your bedroom and living room aren’t as prone to germs and bacteria as your kitchen and bathroom, but caring for these spaces every day still reduces the amount of time you spend on big cleaning days. Pick Up Your Stuff Your roommates will appreciate this one: Pick up anything you left in your living room, whether it’s your laptop or the books you left on the coffee table. Your roommates don’t want to have to move around your clutter to use the shared space.

When it comes to your room, picking up your belongings helps keep them in good shape. If you’re stepping all over your clothing, it will wear out faster. Basically, follow the simple rule, “Put it away when you’re done with it.”

Spot Clean Whether you spilled a drink or knocked over your makeup box, don’t let spills sit overnight. The area could become sticky, attract bacteria, or just become a huge mess– ever track mineral powder through your apartment? Not fun! As soon as a spill occurs, clean it up. That could include sweeping, wiping with a paper towel or using a hand vacuum to tackle crumbs.

Keeping your apartment clean doesn’t necessarily require full on chore days that last forever. Instead, follow these daily cleaning steps to keep the place in good shape. Ideally, you shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes on each task.
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How to Select the Right Commercial Cleaning Service?

Not only profitable business turnovers and ROI determine the success of a business establishment. The aesthetic environment and the inner facilities of an office play a crucial rule in attracting prospective clients and making it a stable habitat for employers to work. Commercial cleaning is arduous, laborious and very perspiring when it considered theoretically but practically speaking it is an uncomplicated task maneuvered efficiently by skilled professionals who have a well-informed firsthand knowledge about the essentials of commercial cleaning. You can hire reliable specialists from facility management companies in Delhi who will take a stock of the mess and apply the most appropriate cleaning remedies. What points are to be kept in mind while looking for the right commercial cleaners?

Reputation Counts—

An established company having years of repute and recognition will be far more profitable than searching for a company which was just set up few months ago. When reliability and trustworthiness comes into being, the professional cleaning services in Gurgaon outrank any other services in the field of spotless cleaning management, timely arrival and years of skill to clean any type of commercial, industrial & institutional spaces.

Variation in Services—

In commercial cleaning you will comes across various types like power washing, hard floor cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, special event cleaning and lots more. While selecting the correct cleaning agency or firm, you must clearly know their field of expertise. Power washing, for instance is a skilled cleaning where simple vacuuming or washing is not enough. Expert cleaners must be hired who will employ high pressure washing methods in erasing the dirt and debris from the exterior pavements, sidewalks parking areas etc. Many facility management companies in Delhi have state-of-the-art cleaning methods to wipe away dirty stains and greases.

Training Requirements—

Instead of cursing your luck later on, it is always best to be prepared and make an individual assessment about the training requirements and abilities of the professionals. This is one of the core factors of integrated facility management services. Enquire everything about the companies either through the web or through your friends. Trusted companies never lie about anything, so be a rational judge yourself.

Certified Companies—

Just as while purchasing groceries you ensure the trademark signature, similarly while searching for the right candidate for your house or office cleaning, you must ensure their standards of excellence. Fully bonded and insured companies deliver promising Housekeeping Service Facilities in Delhi. On top of that many firms have personal web portals where customers can log in to access their full details, time of completion, rates etc as well as the provision to attain feedback.

Eco-Friendly or Not—

When you hire commercial cleaners you must be satisfied that your work is done nicely without creating a commotion. Too loud noise and cluttering of machines can disturb other offices so, make sure that the work force you choose employ safe, eco-friendly tools that successfully cleans the dirty areas efficiently without any noise or chemical pollution.  Green cleaning is followed by facility management companies in Delhi who abide by their policy and believe in safeguarding the harmony of Nature.

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Top 8 Commercial Cleaning Tips for this Summer Season

Imagine a scenario where you are making your first official presentation and the conference room is a total mess with furniture stacked with dirt, tables not cleaned since winter and windows garlanded with spiral cobwebs. Well, you can surmise that your presentation will be a super flop, and all due to the slackness in employing cleaning services at the right time. The Corporate Cleaning Services in Delhi has upheld the rank of offering fabulous office cleaning measures with its knowledgeable team of professionals who make way for a dynamic work space.

These 8 commercial cleaning tips will help you understanding the concept better:

Clean your Desks—This factor is not related to summer or winter as keeping your personal working space clean and tidy will protect you against any kind of infection and viral attacks. Any kind of edible leftovers should not be stacked in the desks but disposed in the trash bin.

Carpets & Upholsteries—Doormats, carpets and upholsteries spread within the premises should be carefully washed and clean dried as heap of germs and microorganisms harbor within them creating an unhygienic atmosphere. Don’t be late in calling up the Corporate Cleaning Services in Delhi whose hot steam cleaning methods are largely appreciated for carpet cleaning.

Bathroom Freshening— Bathrooms in offices are also to be maintained properly and neatly. To retain a hygienic environment and a safe place to work, small measures like deodorizing the bathrooms after a good clean up sounds fair. Employment of essential oils as air fresheners are actively used by industrial Cleaning services in Delhi that keeps the room fresh and clean.

AC Vents— It is often found that air-conditioners which were in a sleeping state during winters have become a breeding ground for bugs and insects infesting in the vents and prohibiting the air penetration. There are efficient Corporate Cleaning Services in Delhi which also include cleaning up the AC vents and light fixtures within their cleaning task.

Windows & Blinds—The common thing that comes to focus after a long wintry season are windows, curtains and blinds which lay covered in dust and germs. Dust laden windows act as a barrier for sun rays and create an unhygienic atmosphere for the employees. A thorough window wash & cleaning of blinds & drapes will solve the problem effectively.

Educate people—The more you educate people about the effects of good, hygienic environment, the better will the results.

Go Green—Refrain from chemically produced products that damage the eco system. Rather apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are handy and do not have an adverse effect on people.

Professional Service— For both home and office cleaning, interference of professional cleaners will naturally arise as no one has the time and energy to perform such hard cleaning tasks. The Residential Cleaning Services in Delhi is one such prominent sector that engages in using green solutions to tackle the tough stains, grease covered windows and dirty blinds hanging near the walls.

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