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About Techno Clean Services

Techno Clean Services is a premier facility management services resource which helps companies achieve highest levels of competence in various areas of business operations. Clients can achieve excellence in their desired areas of business operations by employing a tested process that guarantees constant improvement.

Techno Clean Services was established in the year 2004 with the objective of providing our customers a value model that is high in transparency and integrity. We have successfully built competencies on a wide spectrum of strategic facility management services that are connected and correspond to the objectives of the businesses it supports.

We at Techno Clean Services are proud to have the privilege of serving some of the most distinguished global brands and multinational Indian conglomerates across India with continued efficiency and distinction. It is our endeavour to provide our customers the highest level of satisfaction, every time they do business with us. We make sure that all the performance parameters are met consistently. We also provide maximum safety to personnel on the site through quality input.

Techno Clean Services strives to achieve industry leadership by persisting with our stated objectives of pursuing the highest standards of ethics and values. We have been gaining accolades for our excellent and unrivalled customer service and our adherence to the highest standards of quality.

Techno Clean Services are excited about the future because of the immense potential it holds, not only for our business but for those of our clients as well. We want to tap the broad spectrum of opportunities that lie ahead and make a difference to the way we serve our clients and also to the way they manage their processes.

Techno Cleaning Services


We provide our clients with the most efficient and fast Corporate, Residential and Industrial cleaning services.

Techno Cleaning Services


We have high tech eco-friendly tools that successfully cleans the dirty areas efficiently without any noise or chemical pollution..

Techno Cleaning Services


Our staffs are professionally trained that attend to all sorts of cleaning activities with complete ease and utmost accuracy.

sep-icon Our Manpower

The executive cleaning team at Techno Clean Services is its biggest unit. Besides being experienced and knowledgeable, the cleaning staff is also extensively trained into technical skills and soft skills.

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