Techno Clean Services is a leading Facility Management Company which has been helping its esteemed clients achieves high level of competence
in various areas of their business operations for more than 15 years. Our USP is the excellence in our service, the dedication in our workforce and
the affordability factor – we always endeavor to stay within your budgets and deliver more in less.

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sep-icon Our Manpower

The executive cleaning team at Techno Clean Services is its biggest unit. Besides being experienced and knowledgeable, the cleaning staff is also extensively trained into technical skills and soft skills.


Technoclean is a service providing company that specializes on every type of cleaning services, we are always in the best position to render expert assistance in maintaining a perfectly tidy and hygienic environment in the work place.

Airports & Airlines

Schools & Universities

Auto Dealerships

Medical Facilities

Sports & Fitness Centers

Entertainment Venues


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India’s best housekeeping service provider

We offer our effective cleaning services through highly advanced mechanical devices which help in completing the cleaning process both quickly and systematically. This has successfully fetched a huge degree of client satisfaction which in turn has expanded the clientele base of our company. Today, more and more people are relying on us for maintain a clean, healthy and sophisticated environment in their work premises.

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